Sunday, March 6, 2016

Review of Dawson Fur Hire (Bears Fur Hire #5) by T.S. Joyce

Dalton Dawson is reeling on the anniversary of an event that changed his life forever. All he wants to do is hide from his past for a few days, but in walks trouble in the form of a timid human who has his heart thawing for the first time in years. He’s not looking for a mate, but Kate Hawke is a fascinating and complicated woman that his wolf is desperate to figure out. Convinced she is just a distraction for his spiraling inner animal, he allows himself to watch her from afar, but what he learns about Kate could change everything and send him on a path he can’t return from. 

Kate has been burned by a shifter before, and now Dalton Dawson is following her. One look at the growly, bright-eyed stranger and she knows exactly what is lurking inside of him. Sure, she’s scared and she knows better than to get into a friendship with a werewolf, but Dalton is tearing down her walls one by one. Dalton makes her feel safe and empowered, and it’s been a long time since her future looked so bright. But as both of their pasts come back to haunt them, she’ll have to decide whether Dalton is really the safe choice when it comes to protecting her heart…and her life. 

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

A Native American werewolf and his feisty mate are the hot sexy main characters in T. S. Joyce's book, Dawson Fur Hire.  This is the fifth book in the Bears Fur Hire series and continues the story of the Alaskan Galena Pack.  The dialogue is witty, fast paced, humorous and always filled with sexual innuendos. Kate Hawke and Dalton Dawson are two characters that you will fall in love with as they move through this entertaining novel to find their happily ever after.

Dalton Dawson is a werewolf and Kate Hawke is a human.  A human that has been abused and claimed by Miller McCall the Alpha of his Pack.  She kept his brutality a secret and also that he was a werewolf.  Kate did not know that Miller was dead, and her dreams are haunted by his demon wolf!  Meeting Dalton makes Kate feel safe for the first time in  over two years.  But he has demons of his own, will he let Kate in?  Can they heal each other?  Or is there more to come that will keep them from finding peace in each other's arms?

His mate had not wanted him or his baby!  All she had wanted from him was status, what he could give her.  He lost everything when his baby girl died and his mate left him.  So, why does he feel alive when Kate Hawke is around.  Could this be his chance to have a family?  Is Kate his mate?  Dalton is happy at last, but there are forces that are filled with hate and will do whatever they can to destroy all shifters.  This group has their eyes on Dalton and his Kate!

I am hooked on this series!  The characters, storyline and action packed scenes enthrall and keep you wanting more.  I cannot wait for the next book.  Great addition to my paranormal library.

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