Wednesday, July 16, 2014

~Review: Heated (Most Wanted #2) by J. Kenner~

I knew better than to risk my heart.
But fierce passion comes at a high price.

I grew up believing in right and wrong, good and evil, black and white. I knew better than to trust. And then I met Tyler Sharp.

Bold, charming, and dangerously sexy, Tyler always gets what he wants. But his smile can be deceiving, his dealings sordid, his ambitions ruthless. I thought I was the one woman strong enough to resist him, but our need for each other was too urgent to deny.

One look and I was in trouble. One touch and I was hooked. One night and I became his.

And now that I’ve fallen, there’s no going back.

Heated is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★★

Sloane’s father was FBI and it was only natural that she would follow in his footsteps and become a detective. While recovering from a gunshot wound and forced time off, one of her confidential informants ask that she look into the disappearance of her roommate. Sloane decides to go undercover to look into what happened to Amy an exotic dancer and her CI’s friend.  The search leads her to Chicago and a gentleman’s club where Amy was last employed.  No one seemed to know where she is or what happened to her. When Sloane attempts to get a job at the club, she is turned down and has to go to plan B, get up and personal with the owner Tyler Sharp one of the “Knights” the most celebrated businessmen in Chicago.  With information pointing to their involvement in illegal dealings Sloane needs to get close to Sharp to ferret out their secrets and locate Amy.
Tyler and Sloane are not prepared for the connection that they feel for one another and Sloane cannot believe the lengths she is willing to go to be with him.  Sloane is a dedicated officer and she is really good at her job but Tyler pushes her to cross the line.  He was more than what one could see on the surface and if she was any other woman she would have held on tight and never let him go. But more was at stake than what she wanted; she had to find Amy before it was too late.  Tyler surprises her by helping her get personal information on Amy that he had from his club and also goes with her to Amy’s old apartment to look for possible clues to where she may have gone.
Who is Tyler really?  Is he the self-made man that the world sees and admires or is he something else?  Sloane has always been able to see the real person and the real person that she sees is not all good, but he is not all bad either.  When Sloane realizes that Tyler really understands her better than anyone else ever has she is afraid to take the next step but also afraid not too.  Can Sloane let go of her abusive past and allow Tyler to take her to a place that will heal?  Is Tyler capable of giving Sloane the things she needs and can she meet his needs?  You can find all the answers in the pages of this incredible book. ~TSRBR

Hero –Tyler Sharp: 5 stars
Heroine –Sloane O’Dell Watson: 5 stars
Steam: 5 stars 
Plot: 5 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book: Yes!  Wow…hot, steamy and full of mystery is the only way to describe this fantastic book by J. Kenner!  This book ticks off all the boxes for those that want to be totally enthralled until the last page of a good read.

Would I read other books by this author: Yes!  I’ve read books by this author before and continue to be impressed with the scope of J. Kenner’s skill as a writer!  This is a must read author and I cannot wait to read her next book! 

***Received an ARC of this book from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review***

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