Tuesday, July 15, 2014

~Review: My Demon Determined (My Demon Trilogy #2) by Alicia Dawn, Nikita Jakz~

“Into the bowels of hell I would follow you.” 
“Good because that's exactly where we’re going.” 
Never in her wildest nightmares did Seraphina see herself taking refuge in the underworld. Cole, however, should have seen it coming. Sera’s kin would never let her go and that was the one place their holier-than-thou feet couldn’t tread. Unfortunately, residing in a realm where the vilest of depravity thrives only adds to Cole’s problems. Now he must keep Sera safe from not only her kind, but his debauched brethren as well. Even Cole’s demon-half has become more volatile, the constant subjection to evil taking its toll. His world is no place for an angel. He needs to find a solution so he can get her the hell out of there. 
And he needs to find it fast. 
When the opportunity arises to finally solve their dilemma, he jumps at it with talon-claws swinging. But it’s a dangerous mission - and Sera’s riding shotgun. As deadly adventures unfold and all hope seems lost, Cole is forced to search inside himself. With a soul that’s riddled with more questions than answers, can he find the lifeline they need?

Overall Rating:  3.5 Rockin’ ★★★☆

Seraphina and Cole are soul mates and belong together.  They have bonded and now cannot be separated from one another, wherever one is the other can find them.  Sera’s seraphim family would come for her and take her away from him again so that left only one place that he could hide her, in his quarters in the demon world.  Can an angel breathe the foul air and live?  Cole must face his master and ask that Sera be allowed to stay in this realm.  What will the price be for this favor that he asks for?  He would gladly give his life to keep Sera safe and with him.  Cole leaves Sera in his quarters and goes to ask this favor from his master, but Sera will not let him face this alone and follows him.  Part of the cost to Cole is his freedom; the vampire demon makes him take some of his blood so that he can now track Cole anywhere.

The master agrees to let Sera stay in his realm but will require a high price from Cole to grant his request.  Cole and Sera spend time exploring each other and the bond that has formed between their souls.  But when Cole’s demon takes some of her angel blood it acts like an antidote and brings Cole back.  She assures him that if takes her blood to keep his demon from taking over then he will be drinking her blood.  After spending so much time in the underworld, Sera decides she needs a break and returns aboveground.  She leaves Cole a voice mail and takes off on a shopping trip.  Will Cole lose Sera to the seraphim?  Can they find a way to stay together?

Hero –Cole Astaroth: 3.5 stars
Heroine –Seraphina Orielle: 3 stars
Steam: 3.5 stars 
Plot: 3.5 stars 
Cliffhanger: Yes

Would I recommend this book: Yes! This is such a different kind of paranormal romance with angels and demons being soul mates and loving one another. It is a truly unique read for those enjoy something different.

Would I read other books by this author: Yes! I really can’t wait to see how Cole and Sera solve their dilemma and find a demon, angel happily ever after. 

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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