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~Review: What Doesn't Destroy Us (The Devil's Dust #1) by M.N. Forgy~218

When Dani's sheltered life is turned upside down by her mother's secrets, she finds protection with her estranged outlaw father. Against all warnings, she falls for bad boy biker, Shadow. He is beast and beauty sealed in a leather cut with a gun holster. Can Dani learn to live within the Club rules? Is she more like her father than she could imagine?

Shadow has grown up among drug addicts, whores and murderers. The only family he's ever trusted has been the Devil's Dust motorcycle club. He will do anything for a brother; even kill. In fact, killing is so easy, he's made a career of it. His one regret is not being able to kill his own worthless mother. When Dani shows up with her provocative temper and innocent charm, Shadow begins to question his violent lifestyle. But can he trust her with his demons?


Will Dani and Shadow let family ties destroy them?

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

"Lust like a saint, trust like a sinner." 

What happens when a sheltered and naive Dani is thrown amongst the tough alpha males of Devil's Dust MC? You get an explosive story of how opposites attract and deceit and lies can rip your life to shreds.  What Doesn't Destroy Us by MN Forgy is not your typical motorcycle romance.  There is a thread of mystery and suspense as the plot thickens and the reader is left questioning the certainty of events.  

Obedient, naive sheltered Dani is the estranged daughter of the President of the Devil's Dust MC.  She believed that her father didn't want a relationship with her due to the lies of her mother.  She grew up in New York under a manipulative mom that determined every step she made.  She had no control over her life.  She didn't know who she was.  She was floating by and never made a ripple in the life’s water.

Sexy alpha, Shadow held the title master of arms and is instantly drawn to the innocence of our heroine.  He is a ladies man and doesn't want a relationship.  His past is to blame for his unstable emotional turmoil.  His mother is the demon that he tries to flee from even now.  He is a jaded soul searching and longing for someone to take away the darkness in his soul.

This is MN Forgy's debut novel and she doesn't disappoint her readers at all.  The plot is unbelievably well written and the characters are established.  The drama depicted comes alive on the pages for hours of entertainment.  We look forward to the next book in this series. ~TSRBR

Hero:  4.5 stars
Heroine:  4.25 stars
Plot:  4.5 stars
Steam Level:  4.5 stars
Cliffhanger:  Yes.

Would I recommend this book:  Yes.  Unbelievable.  Amazing.  Explosive.  These words only begin to describe this fantastic story.  

Would I recommend this author:  Yes.  This author knows how to weave a magical tale.  She truly shows her talent as a writer in this novel.

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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